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Danica Dakic (1962) is a Bosnian Artist who primarily involves herself in video and sound installations. Her theme usually lies in identity, language, flight and migration.

One of her works I like is “Safe Frames” (pic 1)which was a group effort with photographer Egbert Trogemann, composer Bojan Vuletic, the Crespo Foundation, and the MMK’s own art education department. They got together to create a piece inspired by Paul Almasy’s 1942 photograph, “Louvre, Paris(pic two) , which shows the Louvre’s walls covered in empty frames during France’s Vichy occupation during World War two. This shows the waiting of return of artworks.

Dakic’s “safe frame” is interetsing to me because it has a fogged up “Trapped effect” like some of the peices I created with tracing paper(pic 3-8). I decided to create a frame with tracing paper then using light to lit up the backgroup and started playing with different effects. So far, i really like the effects created by using the lightbox. I think the combination of lightboxes and transparent paper would work well together,

"safe frame" especially reminded me of my project theme "Trapped" since It shows people behind a frame trapped inside and waiting to come out  to be shown, just like in Almasy’s photograph of artwork waiting to be back in its original place. This make me think that I can explore with my original idea of a cracked image showing up (pic 9) Half of the image shows up clear but the rest doesn’t and is all blurred out yes the image cannot fully escape hence "Trapped". I thought I can explore with this idea more 

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